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What We Do


Spanish Language Learning

We facilitate Spanish language learning in a practical, real world setting.




We immerse ourselves in the Latinx culture by supporting local celebrations and sponsoring cultural initiatives.



We work to create a welcoming community that supports all.

Our Mission

To broaden understanding and acceptance of diverse community groups by expanding one's knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. 

Our Story

Emporia Spanish Speakers was founded in October 2017 in order to help facilitate Spanish language learning. Since then, it has evolved into so much more! Yes, our primary focus is still to expand our Spanish language skills.


However, immersing ourselves in the Latinx culture of Emporia and the surrounding area, whether it be supporting celebrations like Cinco de Mayo and Día de Los Muertos, sponsoring cultural art projects and performances, or coming together over food, has been an instrumental part of our group. We also work with multiple local agencies to create a welcoming community that supports language inclusion and supports diverse groups.

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Upcoming Events

Child at the Doctor

Anderson Building, Lyon County Fairgrounds

September 24

Our Programs


Vamos a Explorar

Vamos a Explorar is a program designed to introduce community members to the natural spaces and trails in and around our region.


Held once a month, we welcome learners of all abilities to join us for a free opportunity to listen, learn and practice speaking.


Our youth program, Los Puentes (bridges) is designed to showcase the Spanish language through connections with the local community.

Se Habla Español

Se Habla Español (Spanish is spoken) program will help organizations better connect, and bridge the gap with, our Spanish-speaking members of the community.

Chips Con Salsa y Más!

One of the best ways to learn language and culture is through music and dance! Join us for our monthly dance program, Chips con Salsa y Más!

"With languages, you are at home anywhere."

Edward De Waal

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